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Lutron Shades

Lutron Shades In Redwood City

You won’t struggle to save money when you install smart window shades. That’s because these systems optimize sunlight usage in your property. When you can easily keep a comfortable temperature and light level without using any extra power, that’s a win. The fantastic customization options that you get from Lutron motorized shades take all this to the next level. Choose from an extensive lineup of different designs, fabrics, and materials, and opt for a range of control types too. From dimmers to remote controls, and even WiFi connectivity, there’s nothing you can’t do with Lutron motorized shades. Our automatic shade specialists in Redwood City are in ready to help you find the ideal designs. We offer dedicated in-person consultations, combined with a free estimate on any design. Discover more about amazing Lutron motorized shades today.

Cover Redwood City Windows & Skylights With Lutron Shades

When you choose made-to-measure shades, you get total precision. Unlike off-the-shelf products, which often leave gaps around the edges, our shades will always fit perfectly. That means total protection from harsh glare and uncomfortable sunlight. We build Lutron shades to fit windows of any size, whether they’re large window walls or small skylights. Add in a simple remote control and wireless power, and you’ve got a simple solution for any property.

Smart Window Coverings - Blackout/Sheer Materials

A priority for many businesses and homeowners is to optimize energy efficiency. For our money, Lutron motorized shades are one of the smartest ways to cut down on your energy bills. Although the initial cost can be higher than old-fashioned shades, remote control shades are such a game-changer that it’s hard to compare them. The capabilities are staggering. For example, you can use temperature and brightness sensors to automatically detect when to open and close your shades. Motorized, they’ll simply adjust their position throughout the day, maintaining a comfortable temperature and brightness level with no input from you.

New Lutron Shades For Redwood City Offices & Homes

The variety on offer is amazing, too, because there are so many different combinations to create. Blackout material is ideal when you want to cut out sunlight, such as in a bedroom. An office might benefit from sheer shades, which diffuse bright sunlight and create a cozy ambiance instead. To explore the world of motorized Lutron shades, speak with our Redwood City team today. We’ll arrange a consultation and provide you with a free quote on all work. Don’t wait, get in contact today!


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